3D Systems

The Challenge

3D Systems, a global leader in the 3D printing market, was growing fast — too fast. They needed to quickly get hold of competing projects and strategic priorities, and the next global strategy meeting was only days away.

The Solution

The ultimate two day offsite: make sure the stakeholders were prepared and take them through two days of intense Agile frameworks-driven decision making.


  1. Preparation Boards
    We gave all the meeting participants four days to complete a matrix outlining all their competing projects by their business relevance and size.
  2. Cover Story
    When the meeting kicked off, we used the Cover Story framework to help everyone develop a vision of success with a hypothetical Harvard Business Review case study.
  3. 20/20 Vision
    We then combined all the key Cover Story elements and prioritized them with 20/20 Vision.
  4. Impact Effort
    With vision established, we went back to the preparation boards, combined them and reorganized around two axes: 1. Impact on the company and 2. Effort/Risk/Complexity.
  5. Fund a Project
    Initiatives from the Impact Effort exercise were scored using a Decision Engine framework and then funded independently by diverse teams.
  6. Remember the Future
    Finally, we worked backward from a Perfect Future Outcome to establish a series of tasks and milestones to reach the objective.


In very little time, we helped 3D Systems get an accurate view of their competing projects, align strategic priorities, and set a clear path forward for the business.

“I need to make sense of all the projects that are spread out across my global teams and make decisions about what is important… and I have two days to do this…starting next week. What do you suggest?”

Antonio López, VP, Global Customer Service