Transforming the Agile transformation of a $30 billion insurance giant.

Agile Acceleration

Applied Frameworks unlocks the potential for organizations to deliver extraordinary software-powered products and services by accelerating Agility. We teach, coach, and mentor teams, product managers, and leaders to select and apply proven frameworks that accelerate product delivery and increase profitability.

Each phase of the Acceleration Program sets up teams for success, from Preparing the Agile foundation early in an engagement, to Engaging and lifting off productive teams to establishing Sustaining structures for achieving long-term Agility after our Agile Acceleration Program ends. The Acceleration Program is the key to success when scaling Agile.

Applied Frameworks’ Agile Acceleration Program is designed to help companies stay ahead of their competition and launch products that help them win customers and make a path towards sustainable profitability.


We begin by analyzing, observing, and listening to the organization with the goal of leaders aligned to a vision and shared set of business goals for Agility through an integrated Agile Acceleration roadmap.


Next, we educate practitioners, guide team formation, and coach teams and leaders to execute the Agile Acceleration roadmap.


Finally, we collaborate to establish structures for sustained growth and effectiveness of Agile practices including on-demand coaching and advanced education pathways for all roles.

We provide the following consulting services: