Hello, new Product Owner!

Whether you’ve just taken a CSPO class or recently earned a new title and the team to go with it, building your first new product may feel like a “paradox of choice.”

While Scrum talks quite a bit about roles, events, and artifacts, it leaves a lot of room for you to decide just how to get there — how to arrive at a prioritized, well-developed Product Backlog, motivate the Scrum Team around the work to be done, and manage the myriad of stakeholders who may be interested in the work you and the Scrum Team are embarking upon.

So where do you start?

Rather than creating a huge “How To” manual for new Product Owners, we put together a concise guide to get you started. These Top 10 Tips for New Product Owners are based on our years of experience in training — and the feedback we’ve had from our trainees.

Top 10 Tips for New Product Owners

Updated for 2021, our new Product Owner guide includes:

  • Framework templates you can use at work right away
  • Step-by-step instructions for important tasks like Product Roadmapping
  • Bonus Tips and Cautions that will accelerate your expertise

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