MassMutual | Agile Center of Excellence

The Challenge

MassMutual had undergone the initial steps of agile transformation for 50 distributed teams, but was struggling to build the infrastructure for sustainable long term agile process adoption.

The Solution

We identified the key organizational challenges, developed a plan for sustainability, and implemented a program to track effectiveness and improve performance.


  1. Enablement Review
    We discovered that coaches were overextended and scrum masters weren’t getting the support they needed. In addition, a lack of organizational alignment meant that the management processes weren’t in place to keep teams engaged.
  2. Large Scale Retrospective
    Through a comprehensive retrospective process, we collected data in regular intervals to keep track of progress and identify patterns that were contributing to weaknesses.
  3. Sustainable Process Implementation
    We showed MassMutual how to put the pieces in place to fuel process acceleration from sprint to sprint and make course adjustments to keep everyone on track.


By making it clear where the challenges were and putting the infrastructure in place to measure progress, we helped MassMutual implement large scale changes across the organization. Our work led to improved predictability, productivity, and engagement across teams.

“To sustain long-term agile transformation, we needed hard data to show where the process was succeeding — and where it was falling back.”