This Code of Conduct describes the professional behavior and ethical standards that is expected from all members of the Applied Frameworks Profitable Software Community, including but not limited to all Profit Stream Partners, Certified Profit Stream™ Designers, Certified Profit Stream™ Trainers, and members of the Profitable Software Community (“PSC”), collectively, known as the “community”.

It is recognized that Applied Frameworks, Inc. is the creator of Profit Streams™ and the related Profitable Software Community. As such Applied Frameworks is the steward of the community and has established this code of conduct so that all members of the community understand what is expected of them. 

The successful operation and reputation of the community is built upon the principles of fair dealing, ethical conduct, and integrity, with careful observance of both the spirit and intention of all applicable laws and regulations. 

Accordingly, members of the community commit to the following:

  1. No illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct. Our community will conduct business in accordance with the letter, spirit, and intent of all relevant laws and will refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct. Our community will comply with all applicable anti-bribery and money laundering laws, including but not limited to the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. Federal Procurement Integrity Act and the U.K. Bribery Act of 2010. Our community will avoid conflicts of interest that would interfere with any contractual responsibilities to our organizations, our clients and Applied Frameworks. 
  2. Respecting Applied Frameworks Intellectual Property Rights. Our community will:
    1. Protect all Applied Frameworks intellectual property with the same degree of care they would exercise for their own intellectual property, but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care.
    2. Refrain from using any Applied Frameworks trademarks, logos, domain names, email address, or other social media identifiers, including, but not limited to, Profit Streams™, (“Applied Frameworks marks”) or copyrighted Applied Frameworks material except with Applied Frameworks’s explicit written consent to do so.  
    3. Not register or seek to register any trademark, logo, domain name, email address, or other designation of source that incorporates Applied Frameworks marks or is confusingly similar to Applied Frameworks marks.
    4. Retain all Applied Frameworks copyright and trademark ownership markings in Profit Stream courseware, resources, and materials.
  3. Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI).  Our community is committed to creating a welcoming environment founded on the principles of inclusion and equity for everyone. Accordingly, our community individually and collectively agrees to foster an environment of inclusion and equity, as well as prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on (but not limited to) such characteristics as age, race, religion, ethnicity, color, physical features, sex, sexual preference/orientation, gender identity/expression, language differences, nationality or national origin, family or marital status, physical, mental and development abilities, socioeconomic status, education, work and behavioral styles, political affiliation, as well as any explicit characteristics identified by U.S. Federal, state or local laws. Additional information may be found at
  4. Respect and Professionalism. Community members will interact with others in the community in a way that is professional, accurate, not misleading, and supportive. Our community will refrain from engaging in conduct that is disruptive or defames Applied Frameworks, its partners, clients or its own members. We will all recognize that we come from different experiences, backgrounds, and learning styles. While we all agree that Profit Streams is an important component of creating sustainable communities, we also recognize that the other frameworks, principles and practices we all use may vary widely. All other approaches will be treated with respect publicly and privately and we will recognize that excellence comes not from bringing other approaches down but in raising everyone up.  This respect extends to other frameworks that the community or others may use to help organizations achieve sustainability. You do not have to like or use another framework. You do have to be respectful in expressing your thoughts. Engage the concepts not the person.
  5. Enthusiasm. Community members who teach or consult must deliver a high quality experience and will therefore:
    1. Accept the responsibility inherent in teaching and practicing Profit Streams and related Agile / Lean frameworks. 
    2. Lead with integrity and enthusiasm, emphasize teamwork, and inspire curiosity. 
    3. Help each learner realize their  learning potential. 
    4. Establish mutual respect and trust with every learner and client.
    5. Establish an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.
    6. Preserve the integrity of the learning and examination process.
    7. Collaborate with clients to provide the best possible solution for their needs.
  6. Shared Accountability. If any community member violates this Code of Conduct, Applied Frameworks may terminate its business relationship with such member in accordance with applicable laws and/or contractual provisions. Community members should promptly notify Applied Frameworks of any potential or suspected violation of this Code of Conduct and any unethical or illegal situation related to the delivery or practice of Profit Streams™ of which it becomes aware.