I had the pleasure of seeing my colleague Barbara Nelson at Silicon Valley ProductCamp last Saturday. Her session on “Done ain’t Launchable” was great. She quoted me, Saeed Khan, and The Big Bang Theory. What’s not to like? You can download her slides from Slideshare. In particular, she took issue with launching products before they are sellable and to look for alternatives to beta testing.

Elsewhere, in “The Death of Beta Testing” on Dr Dobb’s, author Fumi Matsumoto advocates five alternatives to the classic beta test, including:

  • Dogfooding

  • Staged roll-out

  • Partial roll-out

  • Testing in production

  • Dark launch

Read more in http://www.drdobbs.com/testing/the-death-of-beta-testing/240151159

How are you testing your products in the market? Are you testing early and often? Or waiting with bated breath for the beta test?