Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) (Price: $895)

Become a Certified ScrumMaster in a fun environment with instructors who care about your success


Learn to Lead

We don’t just teach concepts. We show you practical tools to create amazing products with empathy and collaboration.

At Applied Frameworks, we put you at the center of the learning experience in three important ways:

  1. We emphasize collaboration. Our online learning format combines short training sessions with rounds of peer collaboration to keep you engaged.
  2. We make sure you have fun. We incorporate several collaboration frameworks to teach Scrum in a fun, interactive environment.
  3. We emphasize practice over theory. The frameworks we teach aren’t just a gimmick — they are a valuable set of tools you can use in your job immediately.

This course is taught in two sessions with breaks throughout the day. To get the most out of your learning experience, we also include a small amount of preparation work, short assignments between sessions, and a brief follow-up session with the instructor.