Growth Pricing Workshop

This workshop tackles all of the foundational work you need to serve as input to pricing, licensing, and customer ROI models in a disciplined framework known as the The Profit Stream Pricing Model.


Here’s part of what we will cover:

Through interactive sessions, collaborative exercises, conversations with other portfolio companies and application of workshop content to your specific business, you will:

  • Apply Customer Value Analysis to understand the tangible and intangible benefits of your Customer’s perception of the total value of your solution.
  • Align existing pricing choices to Price Strategy, Structure, Specifics, and Policies.
  • Understand how to construct a Customer ROI model, inclusive of Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Identify the most significant opportunities to improve pricing and licensing.
This is a true working workshop. Be prepared to work hard to create the following outcomes:
  • A Customer Value Analysis identifying tangible and intangible benefits.
  • An actionable model of Price Strategy, Structure, Specifics, and Policies
  • A plan to create a Customer ROI model.
  • An understanding and plan of how to communicate new prices, manage existing accounts and adopt a continuous approach to sustainable pricing

The workshop is followed by two, one-hour follow-up individual coaching sessions to review your organization's plan to implement identified action items from the workshop.