Profit Stream Design |In-Person| ($3,995)

Unlock a sustainable stream of profits


Profit Stream Design is a three-day interactive workshop that introduces you to the details of the Applied Frameworks Profit Stream™ Canvas. In this workshop, your instructor will condense a bunch of dry theories about pricing, licensing, systems thinking and compliance into specific actions you can take to design a system that will yield a steady stream of profits to support the growth of a sustainable business.

The activities, tools, and techniques covered in this workshop will enable you to fund innovation, improve your portfolio management, quantify the “value” in your value streams, and demystify the process of how to define the price for a software-enabled solution. This workshop includes:

  • Three virtual classroom sessions of seven-hours each
  • Lots of collaboration time with your classmates
  • A preprint of the Software Profit Streams book written by Luke Hohmann and Jason Tanner and designed by Federico Gonzalez.