When personal interactions are limited, online tools for team management become essential. In this webinar, learn How to Run Agile Events Remotely with our own Kert Peterson and Laura Richardson using Miro’s toolkit, joined by Matt Mulholland from Miro. Kert, Laura and Matt have comprehensive expertise on the subject, especially relevant in the time of Covid-19, which has forced organizations worldwide to  find new ways to recreate their face-to-face collaboration, put ideas into action, and visualize projects and dependancies all in one platform.

In How to Run Agile Events Remotely, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recreate backlog refinement, sprint planning, and sprint review events online
  • Employ a critical framework to enhance outcomes from backlog refinement
  • Put a stop to dispersion and modify mid-sprint with better sprint planning
  • Organize sprint reviews to increase stakeholder and team investment

You can also view the Miro presentation slides.