Scrum Masters are core to creating an environment to help teams be as effective as possible. They are responsible for ensuring the team lives up to the Agile values and principles. The team is their primary focus. What should a Scrum Master do when an individual on the team is struggling and the focus on the team is not an effective response? Mentoring leverages skills that Scrum Masters practice every day but it is different in some key dimensions. Join Laura Richardson as she talks with Syndey Kimball, CSM about her mindset shift from Scrum Master to Mentor. The conversation was enriched by Monica Cassman, the mentee who worked directly with Sydney as they took the journey together. During this webinar they:

1) Reviewed the characteristics of the Certified ScrumMaster role
2) Explored the role of Mentor
3) Learned from Monica about how she benefited from the Mentor/Mentee relationship
4) Discussed steps that Scrum Masters can take to add Mentor skills and tools to their own toolkit