Take a look at what our learners have to say about our programs:

I want to take an opportunity to thank both of you for your continuous guidance extended during this journey. I can vouch and say this was one of best certification program and had much more to offer than the 2-3 days class-room training program. I have personally been benefited after undergoing this training. I have begun sharing about my learning with my peers.
Smirti G., (September 2019)

I wanted to let your know I just completed my very last assignment for the course and certification. It was a pleasure and a great learning experience for me throughout the Advanced ScrumMaster Certification journey! There was so much I learned and experimented with my team, which has led me to be fearless to always try new approaches (communication and facilitation.) I appreciate what you guys do…

Sanjay S. , (August 2019)
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for coaching me over the past couple of months. This course has exceeded anything I was expecting in terms of learning, feedback and engagement (as I’ve never taken a course like this before).
Gavin D., (September 2019)

Wanted to share a quick “thank you” – the course was simply amazing and there were so many things I was able to use right away with my teams. An amazing experience that made me a better ScrumMaster.

Peter Z., (August 2019)

I really enjoyed your guys’ program. The content is immediately applied to both my organization and Scrum team. Both management and my team have benefited from the tools and knowledge gained through the course. Lastly, I appreciate your responsiveness when I reached out with questions and your feedback has been great throughout my journey.

B.W., (February 2019)

It amazed me how much I have already adopted what I learned back at work and you are to be commended for asking people to dig deep and really try the stuff you teach with the challenges . . . and get them right. . . with many other courses you learn stuff but fail to change habits. Awesome!

Sam B. , (February 2019)

There is no comparison in depth, coverage and clarity between your course and all others I have taken. My sincere comments about your course:

  • Each of your units is very logical, engaging and full of information.
  • Videos in each and every unit are short and to the point.
  • I found the exercises very helpful, thoughtful and practical.
  • Additional sources are very well selected and interesting.
  • Your coaching sessions are practical and engaging. They gave me perspective and the insight that my struggles are normal, healthy and quite common. The sessions themselves were  extremely valuable experiences.
Mariana S., (February 2019)

Thank you for the clarifications and direct feedback. This is so far one of the best online training experiences I’ve had. The one-on-one attention you are providing is unexpected.

J.T., (February 2019)

I would like to say that I am very glad to have chosen your course. I see much more value in it, compared to a standard 3-day on-site seminar. In fact you cannot compare those two options, you have brought the course to a completely new level.

A.Z., (December 2018)

Your course really helped me to see and analyze different strengths and deficiencies of my development group, teams and overall Agility of my company. Most importantly, it gave me tools to reflect on my own behavior and taught me how to start improving it.

Lisa G., (November 2018)

Thank you very much for the in-depth feedback on my assignments. I am finding feedback details very helpful in analyzing the gaps in my understanding and implementation of the concepts. I am able to implement your feedback in my day to day activities.

D.B., (September 2018)

Thank you both [Jason and Carlton.] I learned a lot in the program. Going forward, I see myself using the downloaded workbooks a handy resource. You guys did an excellent job with those, both the content and the reference links for the topics. The coaching circles were also a good way to humanize an online course.

Ryan H., (August 2018)

The program helped me to identify common challenges that I didn’t realize were taking place at my company. The other thing that was very nice is that you guys took the time to read my homework and give me feedback. I really appreciated, and I want to thank you, for that.

Andrew G., (May 2018)

Just wanted to say how valuable the course has been to me personally and professionally. I really do feel empowered by what you and Jason presented. Our first Agile coach described you both [Jason and Carlton] as excellent trainers. He is absolutely correct.

T.B., (October 2018)

Tengo que decir que la formación que tenéis preparada está fenomenal. Llena de contenidos y trabajos prácticos que te ayudan muchísimo a reflexionar.

Angel S., (November 2017)