The Scaled Agile Framework® offers a rich tapestry of techniques for organizations looking to expand their lean business practices. However, this wealth of knowledge can also be daunting to newcomers as well as long time practitioners. 

That’s why we’ve assembled our top SAFe blogs and webinars from the last year in a single list for easy reference. Because some people learn better by reading and others by watching, we’ve organized these resources by format below.

Three Blogs and Three Webinars to Jump-Start Your SAFe Implementation in 2022


SAFe Implementation: 4 Tips for Getting Started

SAFe Lean Governance for Regulated Industries

SAFe Features and WSJF


Why Flexibility Is the Key to Implementing SAFe

Implementing Lean Portfolio Management

ROAM Board Pitfalls and Best Practices

If you want to go deeper, check out some of our public SAFe certification courses, including Implementing SAFe, Leading SAFe, and Release Train Engineer. We also teach these courses for private groups so you can bring your whole team along to learn at the same pace.