How to prepare for your class….

Thank you for registering for the Remote SAFe Release Train Engineer 5.1 course. In this page, you’ll find important information about the course and the logistics surrounding it.  You will be receiving an email from Scaled Agile, Inc. in the next day or two inviting you to the Community SAFe Platform website. Please note that this login will be required to access the Community Portal referenced below.

Please follow these recommendations to prepare for the course.

Technology preparation:

  1. Ensure access to high-speed internet during the course
  2. Make sure that you can access the SAFe Community portal (  If you do not already have an account, look for an email from Scaled Agile, Inc. inviting you to create your account.
  3. Test your webcam and microphone as we will need both to have a great class experience.
  4. Practice using Zoom, the conferencing tool we will use in class, your webcam, and microphone.

Content preparation: 

In order to have the best experience in the remote classroom, make sure to explore the Full SAFe Configuration at the Scaled Agile Framework website: The icons are clickable, and they will take you to the relevant article. Prior to coming to class, make sure you read the following articles:

Course materials:

Once you have logged in at, navigate to “Learn —> My Learning to locate the digital workbook. The digital class page will be sent in a coming communication.

The digital class page will allow you to access your pre-learning, download your digital workbook and view any instructor notes or announcements for the class.

Watch this video for additional tips on how to prepare for your remote classroom experience:

We look forward to meeting you online soon!