As a consultant specializing in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), I’m often asked for the secret to success with SAFe. Especially for new clients just getting familiar with the framework, SAFe seems like a vast set of rules and processes that you need to follow carefully to be successful.

But the truth is much more simple: the secret of success with SAFe is flexibility. The Scaled Agile Framework is meant to be a guide — not a manual.

Webinar: Sustainable Success with SAFe

In this deep-dive presentation, I have condensed advice from my last 15 years advising clients on how to implement SAFe. This step-by-step guide starts with one simple axiom: stay flexible.

  1. Why SAFe Needs to Stay Flexible
  2. How to Keep Leaders Engaged
  3. SAFe Is a Journey, Not a Destination
  4. Identifying Change Agents
  5. Finding the Right Coaching Partner
  6. Training Teams
  7. Shifting Mindsets
  8. Training Leaders
  9. Creating Lean-Agile Center of Excellence
  10. Identifying Value Streams and ARTs
  11. Creating the Implementation Plan
  12. Preparing and launching ARTs
  13. ART Execution
  14. Extending Success with Lean Portfolio Management

More Tips on Implementing SAFe

Read this guide from to help get your SAFe implementation off the ground: Implementing SAFe: 4 Tips for Getting Started.

If you want to go deeper, check out some of our SAFe certification courses, including Implementing SAFe, Leading SAFe, and Release Train Engineer. We also teach these for private groups so you can bring your whole team along at the same pace.