Accelerated Learning (AL) is a training approach that focuses on whole learner experience to maximize the learner’s retention and application of what they have gathered during a training event.  For people who are familiar with Training From the Back of the Room (TFBR), AL forms the foundation of TFBR since it creates the community space where the learners can connect with one another and activate the all-important peer-to-peer learning.  The basic tenants of AL are:

  • Learning involves the body as well as the mind.
  • Learning is fundamentally an act of creation, not consumption of information.
  • Learning takes place on many levels at once in the human brain and is not a linear, one-thing-at-a-time brain activity.
  • Collaboration increases learning; isolation and competition decreases it.
  • Learning occurs through active doing, with time for reflection and feedback not passive listening.
  • Positive emotions and mental imagery improve learning; the lack of both inhibits learning.

For more about AL, please visit Resources section of Look Forward Consulting, to review a mark-up which describes AL and shows how Sharon Bowman has linked these concepts to the 4C’s from TFBR.