How to Make More Money with Software

Software pricing is complicated — but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this private training course from Applied Frameworks, we break down all the inputs to software pricing and licensing decisions you need to make as a product leader.

The curriculum explores value exchange models, proven methods to maximize the value of software assets, prioritizing for profit, and how to ultimately make more money with software.

Our CEO, Jason Tanner, teaches this course for private groups. To set up a training for your team, please contact Event Sales.

Course Description

Simplistic approaches to technical product management lead product managers to believe that business decisions such as pricing or business models can be made independently of underlying technologies. Similarly, simplistic approaches to product engineering lead technical leaders to believe that technical decisions, such as the choice of implementation technology or performance, can be made independently of contextual business issues. Mature approaches to maximizing software-related product and service profits recognize that business and technology issues are intertwined in a complex system.

The Applied Frameworks Profit Engine Framework helps business and technical leaders sort through the core issues required for maximizing profit in software related product and service offerings. The class will also debunk the mistaken theory that one can prioritize a backlog for ROI. The course provides acceptance criteria that can be applied to ensure participants create sustainable solutions.

The course curriculum was developed by Applied Frameworks founder Luke Hohmann, author of Innovation Games (Addison-Wesley) and is partially based on the material found in Beyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions (Addison-Wesley).

Who Should Attend

  • Agile Product Managers
  • Scrum Product Owners
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Senior Development/Engineering Leadership
  • Technical Architects

Course Benefits

Upon completing this course participants will understand the following models and how they can be applied to maximize profits:

  • Customer Value Analysis: Identifies and Captures Value
  • Types of Value Exchange: The Way You Make Money
  • Pricing Model: How Much Money You Make
  • Customer ROI Model: Quantifies Customer Value
  • Licensing Model: Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Enforcement Model: Protection of Rights
  • Profit Engine: Causes More Money Making – i.e., more Profitable – Events
  • Prioritizing for Profit: Assessing potential product enhancements relative to stakeholder needs, corporate strategy, and profit engines