Let’s face it: most product roadmaps suck. 

In fast-moving environments, Agile teams can get lost in the gap that exists between product vision, product backlogs, and task boards. 

But there is a solution. The right set of collaboration frameworks can bridge the gap and deliver market-driven product roadmaps that incorporate inputs from diverse groups in the organization. 

In this video from my session at the Global Scrum Gathering, I did a deep dive into a framework for developing a comprehensive, collaborative, market-driven product roadmap that ties together elements of strategy, product features, technology, marketing, and people into a complete picture that can easily be communicated internally and externally.


Unlike other patterns for product roadmaps, this approach ensures the organization achieves alignment for what product to build and how to go to market to meet business goals. 

In the video presentation, you’ll learn: 

Why Product Roadmaps Fail

  • Unilateral creation
  • Lack of visible logic
  • Absence of details
  • Poor inputs

How to Create a Roadmap That Works

  • Focus on preparation by assembling the right people, space, materials, and content
  • Engage a wide range of stakeholders for, ideally, a full day, a half day minimum
  • Distribute the roadmap widely, then plan to update it at least quarterly

You can also download the presentation file here.