About Joel Bancroft-Connors

Joel Bancroft-Connors is a Principal Consultant at Applied Frameworks. His passion is to unlock and maximize the inner potential of others. He believes his roots in customer service, and its singular focus on serving the customer is where his enthusiasm for Agile comes from. In the classroom, Joel combines his passion to unlock the potential of others with decades of theater and game design experience to create engaging workshops for the participants. By leveraging his unique background, Joel can explain Scrum and Agile concepts in a way that ensures learners can immediately apply them to their professional lives. When he is not teaching, he spends time with his family in the Pacific Northwest. Read Full Bio

Why Relative Estimation Beats Planning Poker

By |2021-05-21T03:40:38-04:00January 20th, 2021|Process|

Estimation is hard. Even the most experienced development teams miss the mark with traditional time-based estimates. The most popular alternative, Planning Poker®, sounds fun, but falls short in practice. In our experience, Relative Estimation is far more effective — and it can be gamified too.

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