How to prepare for your class….

We look forward to meeting you in your upcoming workshop!  In advance of the class, we have a few required, pre-workshop “warm-ups” for you to complete that will introduce you to some major concepts associated with being a ScrumMaster.  We also have some optional activities if you feel like going deeper.

Important information about your certification

Click this link and complete this Google Form to ensure we have the correct information for your Scrum Alliance certification.  If you do not complete this form, you will NOT receive your certification from the Scrum Alliance.

If you already have another Scrum Alliance certification, or had one in the past that has expired, please use the same e-mail address that you used for your previous certification.  

Required Activities

  1. Write down at least two personal learning objectives you want to accomplish during the class.  Bring these with you and be ready to share them with your instructor.
  2. Approximately five working days before your workshop, we will send you a login for the Applied Frameworks Online Academy via email.  You must complete ALL assignments in the Online Academy prior to the end of your workshop or you will NOT be eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) exam.

Optional Activities

  1. Read this short blog post and jot down any notes which are meaningful to you.
  2. Watch our videos on the Scrum Workflow (part I and part II) or the Scrum Roles (part I and part II).
  3. Watch any, or all, of the videos in the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series.
  4. Test your Scrum knowledge with our CSM practice exam.

See you at the workshop!

The Applied Frameworks Team

P.S. If you need anything before the workshop, please contact Brooke ( for any help.