Classroom Training

What is your course enrollment policy?

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While we will do everything possible to ensure a scheduled course proceeds as planned, sometimes there is not enough interest to sustain a course. As a result, we have introduced a requirement of a minimum enrollment of at least six participants in order to conduct any public course produced by ...
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How much parking will there be?

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Most of our training classes are held at facilities where parking is free and plentiful.  From time-to-time, we host courses at locations which have paid parking. If parking fees are required, it will be the student’s responsibility to pay for them.  We will notify you in our pre-course email if ...
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How will I get my certification?

By |2019-11-06T21:34:39-05:00November 6th, 2019||

After successfully completing your course and then passing your exam, you will download your course certification from the organization that certified you - the Scrum Alliance®, Scaled Agile®, Lean Kanban University®, etc.  The instructions on how to download your certification can be found on their sites.

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