Product Owner vs Product Manager

What’s the Difference Between Product Owner and Product Manager?

Scrum Alliance presentation resources – September 1, 2021 

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As a Certified Scrum Trainer and product management consultant, I am frequently asked about how to differentiate between the roles of Product Owner and Product Manager. Many organizations struggle with the distinction. In addition to the presentation link above, I have provided some resources below that will help you understand the subject better and apply what you learn at work.

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Product Owner vs. Product Manager Resources

Our team of trainers, coaches, and consultants frequently write about Product Ownership and Product Management. I have included a few of our most popular resources below.

If you’d like to go deeper still, we have a whole Product Management training course that combines many of the technical elements of Product Ownership into the curriculum as well as a course on Software Pricing and Licensing for Product Managers.

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