Facilitator Kit For Agile Coaches

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For just a small investment of $13.99, you can have your very own facilitation starter kit!  It has post-its!  It has Sharpies!  It has stickers!  It has everything you need for your next collaborative, engaging and productive conversation with the Team, your users and the customers.  For just $13.99 you ...
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Defining the Agile Mindset

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Ever wonder why some Agile practitioners regularly butt heads with more traditionally minded managers? Have you ever spent significant one-on-one time with a Product Owner (or a Team member or a Stakeholder) to answer all their questions about why and how Scrum works and they still just do not "get it?"  Have ...
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Updates to the Agile Manifesto

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While the ideas written in the Agile Manifesto  have been inspiring and durable, the actual uptake and introduction of these new ways of working within teams and organizations has not been long-lasting.  It seems like what was radical and groundbreaking in February 2001 now feels commonplace, trite or even old ...
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Agile Coach: Champion, Catalyst, Capacitor, Coach

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Champion: A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else. Catalyst: A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. Capacitor: A device used to store an electric charge. Coach: A tutor who gives private or specialized teaching. In our first article, we ...
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65 Tasks for an Agile Coach

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Agile Coaches (CSP-SM) are really busy people!  There is no way one person can do all these activities on this list each week nor would it make sense to do so, but an effective Agile Coach would be working on most these jobs every six months or so.  Rome was not ...
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