The Ultimate Guide to Software Pricing Strategies

Pricing software is hard.  If your price is too high, you may alienate your target market, but if you charge too little, you leave profit on the table. 

For Product Leaders, constructing pricing models that appeal to customers and maximize profit is a challenge.

So, where do you start?  Choosing a pricing strategy is the first step to developing a profitable pricing model. Join Applied Frameworks CEO Jason Tanner for the first in a series of webinars that will demystify software pricing and set you on the path to a sustainable, profitable software solution. 

In this 1-hour interactive webinar (aired live: 10/31/2022), we’ll start at the beginning and set the foundation for a sustainable solution. Join Jason as he:

  • Introduces the Profit Stream Pricing Model
  • Reviews Ten potential Price Strategies
  • Identifies three pricing strategies to avoid

Not able to join the live session?  View the recording below.

Want to review the presentation deck?  Click Here.

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