SPC Journey: I’m an SPC and We Built a Community | Recording


Recorded live on Thursday, May 4, 2023, Applied Frameworks SAFe Practice Lead and SPCT Phil Gardiner will host the latest installment in the SPC Journey series. We are honored to have two Lean-Agile leaders and internal SPC’s from Ingenico North America join us to share their experiences: JC Titus, Head of Software Delivery and Takeisha Murphy, Sr. Agile Delivery Manager. Together, we will explore the impact of building a community around an Agile Release Train where the teams, roles, and stakeholders deliver and relentlessly improve together.

Topics Covered: 

  • Creating a virtual organization across two continents and four time zones
  • Moving the focus from teams to a team
  • Choosing a theme and making it stick
  • Making Remote PI Planning awesome
  • Strengthening the community with mindset and collaboration 


About Takeisha Murphy: 

Takeisha Murphy is a Senior Agile Delivery Manager with experience in Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Coaching within the North American branch of Ingenico. She lives in the greater Atlanta area, with a passion for helping teams reach their full potential and thrive in an ever-changing environment. Takeisha’s mission is to create sustainable transformation by using her knowledge of agile principles and techniques. With her unique approach, she strives to help the organization achieve maximum value and stay ahead of the competition.

About JC Titus: 

JC Titus is Head of Software Delivery for banks and acquirers with the North American branch of Ingenico, a company headquartered in France developing and supporting point of sale payments solutions. Living in Ottawa Canada, JC is an experienced agile product leader managing software development teams dedicated to enhancing the payment experience for small and medium size businesses and their customers by bringing modern mobile based design and cloud integration technologies together. French and Canadian, certified agile coach, scrum master and six sigma green belt, JC is above all else dedicated to supporting his team, their growth, diverse background, and aspirations. Beyond work, he spends time with his wife of 20 years and 2 children.

About the SPC Journey series:

The SPC Journey is a series of webinars and panel discussions, hosted by SPCT Phil Gardiner,  designed to help SPC’s and those they support on their journey to learn, grow, and succeed in implementing SAFe.

Episodes include:

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SPC Journey: From Theory to Practice with Travis Moorer, SPCT Candidate

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SPC Journey: I’m an SPC and a Consultant with Michael Robertson, SPC and Charles Rapier

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SPC Journey: I’m an SPC and I Lead a Transformation with Angela Smith, SPC @ Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield

SPC Journey: I’m an SPC and I Head a LACE  with Alena Keck, Head of Lead Agile Center of Excellence at Vodafone 

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