Coaching enrolls people in their own change. It takes the need and desire for transformation and turns it into commitment and action. When SPCs coach organizations through the evolution of a SAFe® implementation, they’re co-creating relevant, long-lasting solutions.

But what, exactly, is coaching? How is it different from consulting, teaching, or mentoring? How can SPCs grow coaching skills and use them adeptly in their day-to-day work?

Join SPCT Phil Gardiner and SPC Rachele Maurer to learn just how coaching fits into the SPC skillset.

Together, we will explore topics including:

  • What defines coaching in an Agile context
  • How a coach approach can positively impact a SAFe implementation
  • How SPCs can apply coaching skills
  • How you can learn more and develop your coaching competency

** Bonus Q&A Session**

We won’t just present – we want to hear from YOU! Bring your questions.

This webinar is part of Applied Frameworks’ SPC Beyond the Theory series. Join us as we explore the wide variety of skills, practices, and knowledge that make up the SPC journey. Check out the other webinars in the series.

Phil Gardiner, SPCT, leads the SAFe Practice for Applied Frameworks, where he serves as an Executive Consultant, enabling enterprises to accelerate the delivery of products and services through Lean-Agile ways of working.  Phil has a passion for deep, sustainable change, and this has led him to become a thought leader in the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) space while also developing an outcome-based approach that meets his customers where they are while cultivating the capabilities of their leaders, changes agents, and SPCs. On his journey, Phil has worked with dozens of enterprises and agencies, from Fortune 10 corporations to the US Department of Defense. 

Rachele Maurer, SPC is a Principal Consultant passionate about creating authentic, fun, and transformative coaching experiences. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), she works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them thrive.  Before joining Applied Frameworks, Rachele coached teams and leaders in the defense, aerospace, automotive, and finance industries. She has held various Agile roles throughout her career.