Sustainable Profitability is a Team Sport… and Includes your Sales Organization | VIEW RECORDING

Are you a sales professional looking for ways to help your team increase profit? The path to sustainable profitability for your software solution is what we call a Team Sport. And that team includes your sales organization.

Agile sales teams can sell bigger and faster while creating happier customers.  AND are uniquely positioned to support the larger goals of creating sustainable profit streams.

Join Laura Caldie, SVP of Sales, and Bob Ternes, Director of Client Delivery, as they explore how sales teams are a vital component to any team looking to build a sustainably profitable business. You will learn about Agile selling practices and techniques to help companies define and improve their profit streams for ultimate sustainability.


  1. Just what is Agile Sales?
  2. Apply Agile principles to Selling
  3. How the Profit Stream Canvas can help create sustainable profitability – but needs Sales!

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Laura Caldie, Senior Vice President

Laura leads business development for Applied Frameworks’ consulting practice, with responsibilities spanning large-scale transformations, product portfolios, and enterprise training programs. She has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including SalesforceCiscoDell and Adobe.  Prior to joining Applied Frameworks, Laura spent nine years at collaboration software specialist Conteneo, which was acquired by Scaled Agile in 2019. 

Bob Ternes, Director of Client Delivery

Bob works with clients to match the right combination of expertise and methodology to the challenge at hand. Whether a situation calls for a tailored implementation of SAFe, Scrum, Kanban or another framework, Bob is eager to find the best fit — an do amazing things.

Bob has supported Agile initiatives in dozens of organizations, with notable examples at Travelers, MasterCard, Deere, FedEx, United Health Group, and several groups in the US Government.