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Webinar: Agile Metrics

When looking at the transparency of Agile and the granularity of team-based metrics, it is extremely important to be responsible in how you use your measurements. On May 31 at 12 pm ET, Applied Frameworks Joel Bancroft-Connors and Laura Caldie will join to discuss the five principals they use when dealing with Agile Metrics

May 11th, 2023|Frameworks, Process, Webinars|

Webinar: Agile Metrics – What Actually Matters?

There is no silver bullet for measuring Agile performance.   If you only count one metric, it is easy to get tunnel vision.  Be it the team focusing on just making the metric better (often through gaming the system) or management using the single metric to drive all decisions, you can end up with a product or organization that looks good while it is really driving off a cliff.

October 27th, 2022|Frameworks, Process, Webinars|

Agile Product Manager Workshop Preparation

How to prepare for your class.... Thank you for registering for the Remote Agile Product Management 5.1 course. In this page, you’ll find important information about the course and the logistics surrounding it.  You will be receiving an email from Scaled Agile, Inc. inviting you to the Community SAFe Platform website. Please note that this login will be required to access the Community Portal referenced below. Please follow these recommendations to prepare for the...
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July 25th, 2022|
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