Webinar: Challenges and Tips for Quantifying Value for Software Enabled Solutions

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Product Managers tell us that quantifying value for software enabled solutions can be really tricky. However, understanding value is the foundation for guiding the growth of a profitable solution and standing out from the competition. Join Applied Frameworks for the first episode of the Product Management Minute as they discuss challenges and tips for quantifying value for Software Enabled solutions.

Webinar: SPC Journey – I’m an SPC and an RTE

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Finding an awesome Release Train Engineer (RTE) can be as difficult as finding a mythical creature. This individual is, ideally, a world-class facilitator, trusted by both developers and senior leaders, a respecter of timeboxes, a life-long learner, a cat-herder, and eventually a coach, trainer, and mentor.  An understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is required to be effective in the role so many RTEs become SPCs

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