“Over the last two days, I was engaged, entertained and focused.  I was surprised how dynamic the course was and how the instructor used Kanban to teach the course.”

Michael P., (October 2019)

“This course was full of practical examples and tools.  It is clear the instructor was knowledgeable about Scrum and its application.”

Ramatoulie B., (August 2019)

“The teachers were awesome!  I liked how candid and practical they were and they gave us plenty of real-world examples and scenarios.”

Stephanie S., (June 2019)

“I thought Agile was just a tech thing, but my Jay helped my understand that Agile and Scrum are total paradigm shift that extends beyond IT to all parts of the business.”

Kolly M., (May 2019)

“I loved this class.  Thank you for all the great activities to help us understand the concepts and make these two days fun.”

Ellen C., (April 2019)

“I really liked the team setting and the casual environment that Kim set up.  Kim found a way for people to discuss the course concepts in a fun and creative manner.”

Chase G., (March 2019)

“Carlton did a great job getting people involved without putting them on the spot and providing a good balance of breaks, lectures, interactive games and work.  More fun than I expected!”

Eliot R., (December 2018)

“I loved all the visuals, hands-on activities and tools.  This course was very practical.”

Rainer K., (December 2018)

“I wish we had just one more day with Kevin – he offered so many tools, examples and practical stories that time rushed by.  I have a lot of new ideas to work on my product now.”

Marsha D., (November 2018)

“The interaction among all the other students was a great surprise.  I really liked how Jason talked about how to be a good Product Owner and make good decisions for your product.  This course was not just about Scrum and the process.”

Manuel A., (October 2018)

“I really appreciated all the dynamic and organic transfer of knowledge in this workshop.  I learned a lot from my instructor and the other students. From my perspective, this course was perfect.”

Maria C., (July 2018)

“I liked the trainer, the materials and the length of the course.  Our instructor created an environment where every question could be asked without feeling stupid or talked down to.”

Markus H., (June 2018)

“Each of the interactive learning activities had a purpose and reason to exist in the course.  I feel after taking this course I am realizing that we only looked at the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  There is so much more to learn about Scrum and and I am ready for it!”

Adrian K., (May 2018)

The training for our leadership, ScrumMasters and Product Owners that Jay & Jason delivered has been a fantastic! The series of custom courses they created were engaging, fun and informative. The combination of presentations and exercises really helped our teams learn and retain key concepts. A+ job!

Andrea R. , (April 2018)

“I’m SO glad this course had no PowerPoint.  Plus I learned enough from Kert to know that I should not be a ScrumMaster.  That is a win for me!”

Joyce L., (March 2018)

“The hands-on, interactive teaching style was perfect for me as a visual learner.  Carlton and Jason had so many great stories to tell. So glad this was not two days of death by PowerPoint.”

Gloria J., (January 2018)