Learn Strategies You Can Implement NOW to Increase Revenue During Economic Uncertainty and Recession-Proof your profit.

Current economic indicators are unfavorable due to a massive stock market correction, high inflation, and shock waves emanating from the war in Ukraine.

“Global growth projected to slow from an estimated 6.1% in 2021 to 3.6% in 2022 and 2022″ – International Monetary Fund

“2022 inflation of 5.7% projected in advanced economies” – International Monetary Fund.

“Business demand has weakened as well, largely due to fears that monetary policy will stifle economic growth” – Deloitte

These factors create economic uncertainty for product managers who must maintain sustainable profits. Now is the time to recession-proof your business model! Based on the popular blog series; Recession-Proof Your Profit, learn strategies to accelerate subscription renewals like Term Renewal Acceleration, Segmented Term Renewal, Multi-Term Discount, and Pre-Term Development. Co-Founder and CEO of Applied Frameworks, Jason Tanner, walks you through these strategies and discusses how to combine them to pull forward revenue and protect the profit of your software product or service.

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