Quantifying Value:  Putting the PROFIT Back into Value | VIEW RECORDING

Value is difficult to quantify… and because value is hard to quantify, Product Managers and Product Owners use vague terms like business value or customer value to discuss why features are essential.

But…what if value was not hard to quantify? Using an economic lens, this webinar will help demystify one of the most imprecise terms in product management and help you contribute more to a profitable business. And… a profitable business becomes a sustainable business.

View the recording of the live session held by Carlton Nettleton, SVP of Product on Thursday, October 6, 2022 and learn how to: Define value from an economic perspective, explain why value differentiation supports value quantification, and describe the steps to quantify value.

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Check out the recording to learn how Applied Frameworks can help you to better understand value and most importantly quantifying value.  Topics include:

● What is the problem?

● How does Applied Frameworks define value?

● How to quantify value?

● How is all this connected to rugby?

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