Understanding Software Pricing Structure

Creating a pricing structure provides a consistent and planned approach to pricing your software-enabled solution that helps to achieve your organizational goals.  

Constructing Price Structure requires Price Metrics and Fences. But what exactly does that mean, and how does creating this structure help to maximize profit? 

On Tuesday, November 29 and 12 pm ET, Applied Frameworks CEO, Jason Tanner took a deep dive into pricing structure, metrics, fences, and most importantly, PROFIT and discussed:

  • The benefits of utilizing a metrics and fences approach
  • 5 Criteria of Price Metrics that drive Profit
  • 4 Types of Price Fences to consider

Not able to join the live session?  View the recording below.  Want to review the presentation deck?  Click Here.

This is the second session in Jason’s series focused on Software Pricing.  Check out The Ultimate Guide to Software Pricing Strategies to learn more about how choosing a pricing strategy is the first step to developing a profitable pricing model.

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